COVID Products


Medical Shield (NIH approved now)

Image Purposely Darkened to Illustrate to the User the Metal Forming Bracket on the Bridge to Enhance Comfort and to Illustrate Triple Layering for Triple Protection.

Disposable Face Mask

Vendor supplied FDA, CE, and Other Certifications. Vendor FDA registry checked. CE validation in Italy. Italian agency also validated as authentic organization.

Plans to submit to lab as well in USA.

More details to follow..

Medical Shield

High strength material with high impact resistance. Characteristics may aid COVID viron mitigation. by nature of its hygroscopicity. Has high degree of deflecting * Studies on Coronavirus Transmissions = f( Humidity Temperature)

Face should maintain integrity well past 150° Celsius.

“One degree Celsius increase in temperature and one percent increase in relative humidity lower R by 0.0383 and 0.0224, respectively “

Similar High Quality Construction as Disposable Face Mask, but we have to classify tot he user this has not been submitted to FDA but looks like it would get it.

Dust Mask

High Level Construction Dust Mask for Civil Defense Use’

We have people on the frontlines too. So we have to assign this as non-FDA. Being beta tested right now on personnel walking around with it as preliminary test prior to submission . More specifications to comae

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