Rexon Healthcare, Inc has its own family involved in the front lines of this crisis. As such we care about the products . We use our medical and engineering know how to research the background of the products the best we can and to understand their manufacturing proceses to properly gauge their manufacturing cost. Our expertise allows us to limit price gouging in the marketplace.

As we strive to keep price gouging low, keep in mind any in-house 3D printed part of course would be less than one you acquire. The exception is when that design has been used by practical users in the hospital setting over a 12-hour shift and continuous modifications are done as part of the feedback loop. In addition whether they have been NIH or other organization approval carries some weight. We are also going through some beta testing to send them to Linacs, disinfection control labs, etc. to gain enhanced shielding.

In addition, with items imported or their raw materials imported some firms=have elected to put a “US tariff surcharge” onto their consumers. SO BE CAREFUL!

It is not in our practice to do that except in the most extreme circumstance due to our lower prices. There are wild swings is supply and pricing that can happen. In those cases we will work something out if possible.