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Rexon Healthcare is actually more than a biomedical, medical, and hospice supply center. Rexon is part of the family that works on custom projects over its almost four decades of existence in the medical space throughout the entire country on a very subtle OEM basis. A little about us and then some links at the end to understand our passion for helping.

Under the direction of the founder of Rexon as Director at Harshaw Chemical Compnay, the PET medical imaging scanners were built right in Cleveland, Ohio utilizing the PET pioneers approaches into this technology. Today this technology is a major imaging modality mode for sick patients or the not mentally well.

he seminal paper of Dr. Farukhi & Dr Cho on BGO PET was the genesis of the new technology called BGO PET.

Whether it is our detectors are used for:

bone density for osteopenia or osteoporosis, diseases in which the bone’s mineral and density are low and the risk of fractures is increased.
medical imaging – gamma camera plates, small animal imaging, and custom PET cameras
projects involving breast imaging & mobile detector for radiology
blood radiation activity monitor developed for ev Small-Animal 18F-FDG PET Studies used to study glucose metabolism allow a more accurate stdy because a live animal gives more real-world information as it is breathing and moving than an expired one.
dosimetry for blood irradiation, radiotherapy calibrations, and cancer research
post-mortem studies after a Hollywood movie star to study Head CT calibration doses following a line of hair loss

Rexon wants other to reach other and continue our long history of helping the wildcat inventor, the wily researcher, the curious scientist, and the small entrepreneur trying to start up his business (we love working with these folks).

Or it could be the large company be put on the map (such as a well-known major player in the medical imaging space) that our founder helped establish from the ground up as a consultant as he was trying to put bread on the table with his start-up business.

From the idea in the kitchen and 4 kids, a small garage, and just $5000 in his back pocket for his nascent spin-off and those Friday dinners at Denny’s as our go to in those early days, we have come a long way but still we value our roots and try to aid those wild eyed folks with their unique projects never to be done again.

Reach out to us for your one time projects. Support this American dream. We are now looking for collaborators right now for shared path and growth. Come!

An 100% All American company based entirely in the USA!

At onset of Coronavirus outbreak, ongoing studies on the applicability of Rexon TLD TEF dosimetry and TLD Reader for ultra high dose LINAC sterilization via electron ( or X-ray) of medical masks for re-use were put into action. TEF-900 has history up to 30 MRad data points. Different variants of TEF-900 are used in Ultra High-Xray military work and weapons electronics radiation bombardments studies as it TEF-400 as well.

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